万圣节英语作文:The Most Popular Festival

Halloween is for the “All Hallow’s Evening”. However, due to various reasons, Halloween has become the year’s most popular and one of the most popular festivals, and many players with great enthusiasm to celebrate this holiday.

Halloween in the October 31, in fact, praise and autumn festivals like Beltane is the festival of spring like the praise. Of ancient Gaul, Britain and Ireland priest – druid to have a grand festival praise of autumn, from October 31 beginning at midnight the following day, November 1 continued all day. In their view, that night they are a great Death – Salman to that year were all summoned the ghost of dead people, these evil spirits are subject to care for the Livestock Health and punishment. Of course, as long as the thought of such a gathering of ghosts, it was enough to make fools of those simple-minded understanding of the heart bile war. So they lit the sky of the bonfire, and close surveillance of these evil spirits.

Halloween witches and ghosts everywhere to say is just the beginning. So far in Europe, there are some isolated areas where people believe it is true. Ancient Rome in November 1 there is also a holiday, which is used to pay tribute to their goddess of Bo Mona. They bear ribs roasted nuts and apples before the bonfire. Our own Halloween seems to be a holiday by the Romans and the druid’s holiday blend made of. Halloween activities in the original is very simple, and mostly in the church carried out. However, in the whole of Europe, it is regarded as a Halloween enjoy slapstick, Jiangguigushi and a good opportunity to scare each other. So people will no longer be used to praise this Autumn Festival, but it becomes supernatural, witches and ghosts festival.






A wind and the calendar of the afternoon, me and my mother, cousin and the cousin yo dog to clean air, scenic Geleshan play. Small colorful flowers to welcome our arrival with a smile; Xiaocaohu their small head out and waved to us. We enjoy the beautiful scenery while hiking.

Along the way, yo dog to hop to hop from time to time naughty and jumped into the water hole, the others have a muddy splash. We came to a rock and saw the beautiful, fragrant honeysuckle fill the fields. Cousin cousin and I could not wait to pick up the pick pocket honeysuckle. Pick a pick, and I was honeysuckle mixed with a bit of rattan, the foot-slip, fall down on. If my hand tightly grasped the honeysuckle vines and perhaps on to pieces of it. End mining flowers, the mother asked us: “Do you know what the benefits of honeysuckle it?” Cousin said: “Honeysuckle is Shannon.” Cousin said: “Honeysuckle Qingre, Reduce Pathogenic Fire.” I said : “Honeysuckle can also be down summer heat.” her mother said: “You are right, but the best place honeysuckle is native, does not appreciate other people’s live.”

After the play, I not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also to understand the truth in life. Ah really gain a lot.



Our country has an ancient patriotic poet named Qu Yuan, he was exiled by the calumny, the inability to save the peril of the country, excessive anger, so Jiang himself voted to Health martyred. It is for him not to eat the bodies of fish and shrimp, one after another to the various pancake into the river, the water used to feed animals, and some ship off the water at the water beast. This has become now the Dragon Boat Festival, eating dumplings, fried cake, the origin of the dragon-boat race.

Having said that, I think of my family have been the scene of the Dragon Boat Festival. Grandmother pinch a different type of pancake, has florets, small, small starfish, is really different form. hurry to go shopping Kok, calmly took my father to buy tzu. A long row of teams, like a long queue, we managed to buy a tzu. We can see that every household have attached great importance to this holiday, people in this way to express their thoughts and reverence Yuan.